Furry Girlz

Straight/lesbian furry hentai.

I take requests daily, but I won't post anything other than straight and/or lesbian. I also don't post herm or pegging. Obviously, I only post furry. (or anything close to it)

If you've ever sent me a request and I haven't answered within 24 hours, it's because one of the following reasons:
1) you requested something I don't post. See above.
2) I searched for your request, but couldn't find any good ones. Just request it again and maybe some'll turn up this time. XD
3) I take requests randomly when they come in. I might've skipped yours. Send it again and see if it goes through this time.

(there's no limit to how many times you can request something)

I get a lot of requests to post MY fave pics. Well, that would take me forever. XD The pics I post here are my fave pics of what specific thing was requested, so...

anyway, they call me Ddawg. I'm a heterosexual, 16-year-old male. Feel free to ask me random questions about whatever, I'm an awesome dude :D

my personal blog is here: ddawg97.tumblr.com